37 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. Lp

    I woke up on a Monday morning,skiving of school,to the sweat smell of my Grandmother’s world best sausage on toast.Munching on my sausages, minding my own business, when I suddenly heard my nan screech at me to come to the living room right away!Scared, petrified, confused I stumbled my way to the room, while still chomping on my toast.Lying there on the beautiful cream carpet was a A1piece of paper, which was titled.The London Tower Hiest.

    1. Lp

      Hello Ben it’s grandma, I’ve noticed you have seen my master plan and thanks for saying my sausages are the best in the world, also you better not tell anybody about what I said to you or else I will end up in prison and you and I know that wouldn’t be good :) !

    2. C.G

      It isn’t fair people are always looking for me every where I go. I’m happy but sad! I’m happy because I now have lots of friends but sad because I have no free time to my self. My glasses had been smashed because of the hustle and bustle of the city it is seriously un far . Me and woof (my dog) went for a walk in the busy town. Now I am writing this note to tell you what it is like being me!

      Singing off from Where’s Wally
      Woof says bye too.

  2. EB

    In my FIRST detention!? I’m supposed to have at least 10! It’s not enough to make me popular! Maybe I need to ask Leo for some help. NOT now.later.by the way the detention is only 30 , just for reading the wrong lines in the school play.It’s kinda dumb, this school. Wow… The teacher … She’s kinda creepy just staring at me.no one else In the room: except Leo – obviously. He was drawing a picture of a escape plan. I know exactly what he’s doing.

    1. EB

      Sup rafe it’s Leo thanks for saying my name in your story and stuff I appreciate for you saying that. Yes I agree the teacher was being kinda….. Weird :) :D

  3. Ll

    Grrrrrrr! I was so close to catching her! There is always someone who gets in the way of my evil plans!

    So, as soon as I leapt out of that filthy bed, I stretched my paws out, and almost had her! Two centimetres away from getting her dead! She screamed, that sharp axe lifted to chop me to pieces, and I ran for my life! Well little red riding hood, I’ll be back for more, and this time I will succeed!

    The Big Bad Wolf

  4. AW

    As I was watching this evil, horrible man destroying, the towns Christmas decorations, I had had enough so I went out and started to stop his evil assistants from tearing down the sparkly tinsel and the shiny Christmas trees.I was so angry that I blew my top off and lava came out of my head.

    Then after I deafeated them I put back the decorations and made sure the city looked as good as new.

    1. AW

      I love Christmas.Dropping all the presents off to the kids and seeing their happy faces in the morning. Although some people don’t get anything if they’re being horrible and ungrateful .

      From Santa

  5. SB

    As I was sitting in the chair of the dreaded dentist I felt like a dead potato ready to be eaten by the old, wrinkly dentist. My heart was pounding as fast as a train , when the thick strong Cotten got attached to Miss Veals ample frame. I thought I was going to die.

    My guts told me I should never go to the dentists ever again. When ever I got a letter from the dentists I quickly sweep over to the stool and hide the letters away from dad on top of the cupboard hiding the letters, hiding my horrible thoughts of my first and last appointment of doom!


    1. SB


      I like breaking people’s teeth, but I’m sure I should retire in 30 years. I’m sorry I crushed the wrong tooth :D but I’m sure your tooth ache should go in a couple of years :) .

      From Mr Erstwhile

  6. RF

    MY TEACHER IS A WEREWOLF!! Me,Harry and Ron were just going to a blowing tree, next thing I know I’m being dragged around by its branches! When it put me down Ron suddenly screamed “help!” and I saw him he was being dragged down a hole by a wolf. So me and Harry obviously followed them. It opened to a weird house and Ron was nowhere to be seen, I thought he must of been in the house so we went in. When we got to the bedroom,we found Ron in the corner and he shook his head then pointed to the wolf,suddenly it turned into my teacher! I felt like it was a dream, but it was REAL…
    Hermione Grainger

    1. RF

      Dumbledore – You did good Hermionie , Harry and Ron, they are both now in jail and won’t be coming out for a LONG time!

  7. JA

    Hi it’s me Gregg, from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Guess what happened to me over the summer? My great grandma Meemaw died and her diamond ring was lost and the family is bezerk, it has gone from welcoming to scavenging its a mad house . I’m really worried because they might accuse me of taking it.

  8. B.S

    Good evening, it’s Scrooge. You would never guess what happened today. I was lying in bed, minding my own ways, when there was a flash of light behind the bed curtain. Slowly, I drew it back…

    It was a spirit! I saw it, floating around in my room. It took me out, and said that if I did not change my ways, then there would be trouble. I didn’t even get it. It wasn’t my fault I was so greedy. Money is the most important thing in life. I only wanted to get more from my employees so I could progress with my business!

    1. B.S

      As Bob Cratchit, I’m wondering why Scrooge is so mean anyway. Family and love is more important than money. I think he is so mean and only pays his employees, especially me, a little a week because he wants to be rich.

  9. HC

    You wouldn’t believe what happened today! Emily, who is MY best friend, invited Daisy to her sleepover party! Why on earth would she want her there? Daisy is just going to ruin the sleepover. Just because she is the new girl, dosnt mean that she can just come into mine, Emily, Amy and Bella’s club. She was also acting really suspicious when we asked whether she was allowed a sleepover. She started to sweat as if she had just run a marathon!! I think she is hiding something…

    1. HC

      It’s Daisy.
      I’m not hiding anything. You are being really mean to me when I haven’t done anything wrong. Emily has been kind to me and you are just treating me like garbage. I think that we should just try to get along with each other and then we can all have fun.
      P.S – I’m not trying to take Emily away from you.

  10. MH

    Guess what happened today? I was in my Hobbit hole just having a relaxing day off when I heard a knock at the door. To my surprise there were 2 dwarves ,who where very out of breath, waddling in. I didn’t want to be rude but I’d never met them before, I thought it wouldn’t be too bad with only of them. However, they kept coming and before I knew it there were 14 dwarves and 1 wizard all eating viciously around a small kitchen table in 1 little hole in the mountainside I was ever so confused but at the same time curious, what did they want, why were they here? I must think about it.
    Sincerely Bilbo Baggins.


    1. MH

      Hello Mr Baggins this just so happens to be SMAUG THE MAGNIFICENT! And if you think you can come here and steal all my treasure you’re WRONG in- fact if you and your buddies even come near my mountain you will all end up as a roast dinner for me. Turn back now whilst you still CAN!

  11. MM

    I was walking to watch the chosen contenders from the Goblet of fire excited to see who gets chosen, because I wanted to know who was picked from my team. As I walked to sit down I noticed it was our team’s turn, being young I can’t get chosen to take part in the events,which is fine, and I don’t think I would stand a chance against the other players.The moment of truth awaits. Dumbledor announces “Harry Potter”. I am shocked,because I didn’t even enter and I’m too young.

    1. MM

      Good luck Harry it’s Ron what a weird surprise . How did that happen! Please stay safe I don’t want anything to happen to you your one of my only friends .Try your best you can do it.

  12. AW

    As I crawled through the small, disgusting and not to forget slimy tunnel, I fell and crashed on a cold, dusty path floor. I looked up and saw Riddle standing, staring at me. He stops.Then shouted crazily, “IS THIS WHAT DUMBLEDORE SENDS,HIS DEFENDER,PATHETIC”.Upset with his words I glared at the weird python enlarged rock riddle was approaching. Angrily he screamed “speak to me Slytheren”. A rumbling began. The rubble on the floor started to shake as riddle excitedly screamed “he’s here”.

  13. Catherine

    Hi im Lucy, you will never guess what I saw today! Me, my brothers and sister were exploring the old house we had been evacuated to and came across a room were there was a wardrobe. The others left quickly, however I wanted to see if the doors were unlocked. Surprisingly, it was! I stepped inside, because the wardrobe was filled with lovely, soft fur, and moved forward. I closed my eyes, expecting to feel the back of the wardrobe, but there was nothing. Slowly, I opened them and I gasped…..

    Snow! Snow in a wardrobe! A little further on I saw a tree! Soon I wasn’t in a wardrobe anymore. Alone in a snow~covered forest, the only thing that indicated that man came here was a lamppost! Everything was perfect. I was so shocked, I never believed a wardrobe could be magical, especially as it was happening to me! I wondered about going back and getting the others, but they would never believe me, Edmund would tease, Susan would scorn and Peater would say ” Oh Lu, it’s not possible.” Suddenly a shape moved towards me……

  14. JH

    You’ll never guess what happened today only the most popular boy in 7th grade asked me to a sleepover so I said yes. He came at 8pm, we got to the last level of Twisted wizard, then I saw a shiny bag full of Jellie beans and my Mum band me from them .I sprinted towards them and agresifly tipped them all into my mouth , what a stupid move . That was all over in a single second.
    Yours sincerely Fregly !

  15. BG

    Hi its Wally from where’s Wally.

    Yesterday, something life changing happened.You wont be able to guess.I was found…yes found! I was on the train minding my own business when all of a sudden my heart sunk an unusual person caught my eye.Why was I so worried? It was probablly that i thought they were coming for me.I tried to keep calm but I couldn’t. It was all over… searching from door to door,they eventually captured me.

    1. BG

      Hi its Wonder.

      I am deeply sorry about the news.Hope you don’t get treated badly.You can get back to your favourite hobby (hiding).Hopefully I don’t get caught.I am currently hiding in a park but shh! Good luck!

  16. RW

    Hi its Agatha here. You will never guess what happened to me today.I was minding my own buisness, thinking about how i am going to get out of this dump, when BANG!!! Sophie flutters into my my school, my room and then she turns into a frightening and vicious witch and attempts to move towards me (she’s gone crazy). It was one of the most scariest moments of my life. Then the teachers came rushing inside of my room and dragged Sophie out. I just stood there and watched, frozen in that stance. I woke up and saw her kicking and screaming. I was terrified!

    1. RW

      Sophie- I am not crazy!!!I am hurt that you would say that, my friend- my only friend. How could you be so hearless. You might think that you are so good, just because you got put in the wrong school well your wrong. I will find a way to hurt you and to make you wish you were never born!
      Yours Sencerly

  17. LB

    Oh no! The big bad wolf is after me again! I don’t want to be eaten! Any advise? I really really REALLY need to get away from him, or my life is over. I can’t argue that he won’t succeed this time, because he might, he might get me. The wood cutter was just once. I don’t think he will save me again!

    That wolf is soooo scary! I can’t believe I was so foolish to think he was my grandma! He looks nothing like her. Maybe this time I will die, get eaten. Maybe I’ll run away to Antarctica! :)

    Little red riding hood

  18. EB

    You would not BELEIVE what happend to me over the summer. Me and Rowley were waiting for the game tournament to start at The Game Hut so we camped out side for the night to keep are spot in the line until it opened so stayed watch so no one could take are spot. However, I stayed up till 9:00 am in the morning So I ate the energy bars I packed to keep me awake in’till I noticed that my hand looked like the muddy hand!So I decided to prank Rowley in’till my hand was crushed with a MALLET that Rowley picked up, trying to defend himself!!!

    Greg Heffley

    1. EB

      Hi Rowley here ,
      Greg you FREAKED me out so badly you should have not done that.You KNOW how my dad does not like you and after that my dad has been concerned in why I have been sleeping with the light on in the hallway every time I go to sleep!Hopefully the muddy hand won’t get us!

      From your pal!

  19. C.G

    It isn’t far people are always looking for me every where I go people every where. I’m happy but sad! I’m happy because I now have lots of friends but sad because I have no free time to my self. My glasses had been smashed because of the hustle and bustle of the city it is seriously un far . Me and woof (my dog) went for a walk in the busy town. Now I am righting this note to tell you what it’s like to be me!

    Singing off wonder from where’s Wally
    Woof says bye too.

  20. MB

    Hi it’s Leo. You will never guess what happened today Rafe ran out of lives on Operation: R.A.F.E and has really been down in the dumps lately. Anyway I am about to go and cheer him up by getting revenge on the school. Although it is bad, he didn’t even know he had ran out of lives I had to tell him. So he is probably going to be annoyed at me!

    1. MB

      I am annoyed at you a lot for doing that waiting ages to tell me I was out of lives but where friends aren’t we :D so let’s forget about it and get some revenge on school like you said. If you have any ideas tell me them.

      Your friend Rafe :D

  21. nd

    I think Rodrick is really bad on the outside,but can be sometimes good on the inside.

    My name is Rodrick and my favourite hobby is playing the drums i will hopefully be a rockstar but my other hobby is messing with my little brotherGreg, mom doesn’t approve of me though.But i just do it anyway.Me and Greg have another brother called Manny Greg gets annoyed at Manny so then i just boost the damage up,sometimes we get good days but they are mostly bad.

  22. JA

    Hi it’s Greg heir I can’t believe no one has got the ring , it’s tearing our family a part bit by bit . It’s horrible and Rowly is not making it any easier for me by goofing off whith his girlfriend . I just wish every thing would just slow down .

  23. g.johns

    Hi Year 6

    I enjoyed reading your comments tonight, lots of interesting ideas shared. Did you take some photos of you all dressed up? I hope so as I missed all the fun today.

    I look forward finding out what is going on in Year 6 next week, so I’ll check your blog soon.

    Mrs Johns


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